Huge Shocker: Former Radio Star Launches New Podcast

In a super shocking turn of events (hear that sarcasm dripping off of those words?), I’ve decided that I missed being behind the mic – so I started a brand new podcast.

You’ve been hearing my story quite a bit lately, I’m sure, probably ad nauseam – but, for context, let me explain some background here. You see, in 2011, I began working in the radio industry full time. By 2013, I had my own hosting gigs in Illinois (which was always the goal), then Minnesota in 2016, and continued to fall in love with radio as a medium. However, industry changes (and a psych outpatient program stay) led me to decide to quit radio (as a corporate entity anyway) in 2018. 

I have so missed being behind a microphone and connecting with all of you. Speech was always a talent of mine, and while being an “influencer/blogger/whatever you want to call me” scratched that itch while I got settled in my day job situation, quarantine and a couple weeks of furlough showed me that podcasting is a wonderful medium as well – and I want to dip my toe into that pool. Thus, I created the Very Vogue with Val Kleinhans podcast.

So lovelies, let’s begin and do this together! It seems like so many of you have been asking for this since I quit radio, and now it’s here!!

Very Vogue with Val Kleinhans launches on Monday, July 27th and I couldn’t be more excited! You can get everything you need to know about it at this section of this website.

You listen to the podcast on iTunes, and on Spotify.

I have to take a moment and shout out some amazing women (whose podcasts I’ve been listening to) that have inspired me lately. I love listening to Ashley Graham’s Pretty Big Deal , the wonderfully gorgeous Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness, and Jeannie Mai’sListen Hunnay. It’s my hope that Very Vogue will be just as inspiring and uplifting for you.

Buckle up! This ride is just getting started! We’re talking fashion, mental health, music, and everything creepy and cool. We’ll even include interviews as well.

You can follow on socials at Facebook and Instagram too!

See you on Monday.

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