How To Find A Horrifically Creepy Bag

Sometimes, generic black bags (that do go with everything, I’ll admit) just aren’t enough. When I feel like this is the case, I like to go extra creepy, and find a bag that has some more personality to it.

I find that owning bag with some character is an easy way to make a statement or add a fun element to your outfit. It may not always be the right occasion to wear them, but it’s a good idea to have some in your closet for when the time is right.

It’d be silly of me, as a horror/metal/all things creepy fan, not to show you were I got some of my favorite deliciously odd handbags and crossbody bags. Ready to see where I got them?

In that recent Instagram post you just saw, you’ll notice I’m showing off a bag that features The Munsters.

I’ll share where I got that specific bag, as well as where to find some amazing other ones. Take a look!

Give any of those wonderful places a search, and I”m sure you’ll find a variety of awesome bag options that you might like.

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