Let’s Get Diverse, Rochester: You Should Know These Neighbors

If you don’t know them, you really should!

Allow me to begin this blog by stating very clearly that it’s my belief that building a strong community is of utmost importance during today’s turbulent times. Period. We cannot do that by ignoring whole communities within our city.

Whether our neighbors are majority black, white, latino, asian, or any other ethnicity, we have to admit that globally we’ve got to work and live together. The days of segregation are over. We’re all sharing space now.

I’ll admit, growing up in Pittsburgh where such segregation did (although not formally or officially) exist like most cities in the eastern part of the US, it’s taken me some time to get used to the fact that those “neighborhood lines” are becoming blurrier day by day. The days of saying “don’t go into that neighborhood if you’re [insert ethnicity here]” are going to end, because there’s just so many of us from a variety of cultures here – and that’s the whole reason this country was created to begin with!

If you’ll allow me to get really real, it’s my opinion that currently it’s hard to find such diversity in the Midwest, though this is changing. Therefore, it’s my goal to use this platform to change that in a positive, informative, and efficient way. We all can research and learn online regardless of where we live, right?

The purpose of this blog is to highlight some wonderful friends and neighbors who deserve recognition for what they do in Rochester. I have met each of these people personally, and they’re amazing. Would you like to meet them?

Let’s start…

Again, these are just neighbors and friends that I have interacted with personally. So, this list is not going to cover every single amazing POC we have in our city whom also deserves recognition. If you know more, tell me! I’d love to meet them. Rochester is becoming more diverse by the day, and I want us to remember that and accept that.

I can’t wait to meet some more neighbors as Rochester grows!

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