Gully Boys Fight White Supremacy In A Badass (And Fashionable) Way

You can fight white supremacy and look chic doing it!

Oh, and they did this while sticking it to a corporation too. Of course, I had to talk about this! It’s amazing! Recently, we learned that the Gully Boys of Minneapolis took advantage of Bandcamp’s recent decision to waive their fees, and in doing so meant all of the money earned on the site went to the bands – as it should.

This time, Nat designed the vibes for a special piece of merch herself, and added to their merch collection. Check out this shirt they’re selling for a wonderful cause!

Your eyes read the caption of their post celebrating this decision too. The Gully Boys aren’t keeping a cent of proceeds earned here either. That money is going to the Northside Funders Group (aka serious philanthropy being done in Minneapolis).

If you want to support, this is one badass, fashionable, and local (if you’re in Minnesota) way to do it! Cheers!!

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