What Happens When Dr. Spencer Reid Is Your Style Guide For Office Attire

I’ll admit that some of us aren’t working right now, and that blows, but hey – you can always save this blog for future reference!

Regardless of your situation, I love reminding others that just because they work in an office and might be required to wear a variation of a uniform, it doesn’t mean you can’t put your own twist on this type of attire.

If you’ve been checking me out on Instagram, you know I’ve been bingeing Criminal Minds hardcore lately. I now have a major crush on Dr. Spencer Reid, and he’s got a knack for putting together an office outfit his own way too!

Let’s take a look at some photos from the Criminal Minds Facebook page collection for examples.

You’re probably going to notice a few things right off the bat when it comes to what Spencer wears on the job; things that Dr. Reid enjoys wearing, like, skinny ties, he’ll throw on a blazer occasionally, and probably has a closet full of wonderfully neutral sweater vests. To maintain a cool and collected color palette, he chooses to pair all of these looks with a classic brown satchel bag.

It’s almost a college student meets professional look. It says he’s open to learning new things, but he can make a decision when he needs to as well. You’d mistake him for a teacher, but his aura is professional in an FBI setting too.

You see, Spencer expresses his own individuality by choosing to wear things he’s comfortable with and are also “professional enough” for the job. Penelope Garcia is another great example of a Criminal Minds character who makes her style her own.

I put my own unintentional intentional spin on a Dr. Spencer Reid look when I went to work, and this is what I came up with…

I threw a varsity sweater over a white button-down top, with some platform shoes (hey! A girl needs height when she can find it!) that reminded me of oxfords, yet were somehow more comfortable. I got away with wearing Doc Martens at work because they “looked” professional! Go figure.

Though Criminal Minds is no longer on the air, we’ll always have their characters that can serve as wonderfully inspiration for making office attire our own.

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