Rochester Woman Is ‘Hot’ For Custom Painted Shoes, And You Can Get Some

She’s got it bad, and she wants to keep going.

Some of you in the Rochester area might know Destiny Boyum already. She’s a wonderful musician who plays all over town, and she’s a music therapist.

I’m finding out that she’s also a talented painter and fashionista!

Check out some of the shoes she’s been painting lately. The Van Halen fan in me wanted them immediately!

Brb, going to look through my closet and see which shoes I want her to paint now! I am so inspired by this. It’s an awesome way to make your look that much more rock n’ roll and original.

If you’re interested in having Destiny create a fun look for you, hit her up on Facebook (you can find the link in the image above) or Instagram at @discovering_destiny too.

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