Johnny Depp Is Finally On Instagram, And It’s Everything

Johnny says he “felt the word needed this.” He was right.

The “this” he’s talking about is a message of positivity (during a very turbulent and uncertain time for us Americans) that he presents in his very first video post on Instagram, and I say that the “this” we needed was him being on Instagram at all! I love the fact that Johnny Depp is now on Instagram.

If you missed his “first transmission” to the world of social media, catch up on his first video post below.

How I went A WHOLE WEEK without realizing that Johnny joined the ‘gram is BEYOND me, but… I digress.

With this first video Johnny encourages us to be creative at this time, and to explore things that we couldn’t normally given our (previously) hectic routines.

He says he hopes to post more music endeavors here, as well as some fun pics from being on set of movies that he’s working on. I’m here for it!

Want more? Follow Johnny here. Oh, and do follow your girl on Instagram here too!

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