This Electric Toothbrush Saved My Quarantine Teeth! – [SPONSORED]

You’ve heard the saying “health is wealth,” right? I have to. I believe in it.

We’ve known that our physical health is super important for generations. We’re now accepting that mental and emotional health is just as important too. I have to ask though, have we been forgetting about dental health?

In my house growing up, that was a hard no. My parents didn’t get regular teeth cleanings and dental care until they were adults. I think it was important to them that my brother and I got regular teeth cleanings and dental checkups every six months from the time we were maybe 5 (I don’t remember the exact age) or so until we were adults and it was our own responsibility.

Turner Syndrome meant that I had a long dental road ahead of me too. I went through expanders (to open my very small palette), retainers, braces – the whole nine. I’m grateful for it.

All of that experience with dentists and orthodontists helped me to form (what I believe) are healthy dental habits as I became an adult. That means that when I see something that benefits my teeth – I’m in!

I want YOU to have this piece of magic too! Keep reading.

Smile Brilliant recently approached me and asked if I’d like to try one of their electric toothbrushes. I had one already, because I just prefer them, but (as I mentioned) I’m always down to try something new. I said I’d love to test one out! A few days later, a cariPRO Electric Toothbrush arrived in the mail!

I was excited to try it because this product already looked more efficient than the grocery store bought electric toothbrush I had. It weighed less, yet it was compact enough to fit on my small (apartment dweller here!) bathroom counter. Oh, and this thing was loaded when it came to options!

I was so ecstatic to see a whitening option, cleansing option, and gum care option on my new electric toothbrush. I used them all! Overall, those meetings just helped my mouth feel fresher. I’m horrible when it comes to flossing, so when I used the cariPRO toothbrush from Smile Brilliant, I made sure to use the gum care option every time. I felt like I was truly cleaning my whole mouth the way I should be. They did become brighter and pinker – for real! They didn’t bleed either!

My package came with an extra brush head and charging station. Because I have those things, I’ll be able to keep this electric toothbrush for a while now!

Overall, I’m thrilled to have this product in my home, and truly want to thank Smile Brilliant for the offer! During this pandemic, we’re struggling to get to the dentist and maintain any sense of normalcy, I know, but having a capriPRO electric toothbrush made me feel like I was still taking care of my teeth the way I should be – until I can get to a dentist again.

For more on Smile Brilliant and the electric toothbrush I used, check out these FAQs that may answer some questions you have.

At no cost to you, you can submit an entry to win an entire electric toothbrush package from Smile Brilliant right now! Just click here to get the entry form.

Good luck!

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