Val’s Comfy Quarantine Looks

We all need some comfort to lean on right now, don’t we?

My routine has totally been demolished thanks to COVID-19. I’m sure yours has been too. For the past two weeks, I’ve been working from home some days, and some days I’ve been called into the “office” – the hospital that I work at. It changes based on their needs. For anyone who needs a routine to stay mentally healthy, I think the following is the biggest challenge we face; how do we find our “normal” and accept what it has become?

For me, fashion has always been somewhat of a security blanket. Since I can’t show off any cute looks in public among friends right now, I decided to focus on making my clothing at home comfortable, yet fashionable.

How did I do it?

Firstly, I accepted that “comfortable” wasn’t always going to be “cute.” It’s more so meant to be practical. Then, I made it a priority to still hold onto the “anchor pieces” in my wardrobe that made me, me.

Take this look I created when I worked from home one day as an example.

The Rob Zombie shirt is definitely me. I felt a little more “put together” when I added jeans and a black sweater to it. I felt like it was a compromise somewhere between casual and sweats. I was here for it.

Then again, I’ve come to accept sweats too! Take a look at this moment where I’m brushing my teeth as I got ready one morning.

If you’re going to submerse yourself in sweats while being quarantined, I say make em’ fashion! Or, translation; get some sweats in coolers that you love and work with the wardrobe you already have. The cohesive nature of the look might make you feel a little more “put together” while also being comfortable!

Want to know a funny story? Mum is gonna mum even though I’m thirty now. She really was concerned about me having to go to work sometimes still (especially at a hospital), so I promised her that I would at least wear a bandana while I was out.

This is me honoring that promise.

I didn’t join a gang, but I did feel protected and force some social distancing thanks to this “odd” appearance paired with a t-shirt featuring classic monsters. You can get the t-shirt at Hot Topic, btw.

I know, I know, I’m thirty and I still shop there. Don’t judge me.

Perhaps the highlight of this comfy couture period of my life is the fact that I actually had a moment to enjoy this super soft and adorable fox adorned robe from ModCloth!

It has a hood with ears too!!

Unfortunately, it’s not in stock in their store anymore. However, you can find plenty of other robes that fit your style.

Lovelies, I hope you’re all doing well in these uncertain and crazy times! Please do share your stories, thoughts, and concerns. We’re all here for each other – at least, that’s my goal. It’s my hope that this space is a safe space for you.

Hang in there!

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