19 Ways To Stay Positive During The COVID-19 Pandemic

We’re all facing this struggle right now. There’s no doubt about that.

My hope is that we can use these rough moments as reminders of what’s important. Maybe we’ll use them as inspiration to refocus ourselves. Maybe it will help us to reassess our priorities.

I wanted to get some air over the weekend, so I walked through downtown Rochester (alone) which has basically become a ghost town. It’s eerie to see!

One sight that warmed my heart and caught my eye was a display of hearts posted in window at the Pittsburgh Blue Steakhouse on South Broadway.

Did you catch the hashtag in the window too?

The initiative is called #aworldofhearts, and thankfully this is a positive thing that is spreading quickly! It all started with a Facebook group that was started online to show the whole world that we’re “all in this together.” You can take a look at more creations here.

This is just one way to stay positive during the pandemic. Here’s more for you!

  1. Participate in #aworldofhearts: My neighbors are doing this too! They’re participating by posting hearts on their doors.
  2. Accept what is: Perhaps the hardest part of the pandemic, the ugly truth it’s showing us is that there’s a lot we have to accept in order to process what it’s doing to our lives. Simply accepting what’s going on as is ( and nothing more) is a step in the right direction toward a mentally healthy being.
  3. Dive into board games: I’ve had so much fun playing Risk lately! Pick one you haven’t played in years and have a good time with your family!
  4. Get dressed/ready in the morning: You’ll find a sense of normalcy in something you can control at this time. You can control how clean and “put together” you feel. If you need a bit of a sprucing up, go for it!
  5. Use your phone: Use it actually communicate! Text, call, and find an app that allows you to play fun games with your friends!
  6. Enjoy your favorite mug: Appreciate it. Bask in it.
  7. Avoid the news when you feel overwhelmed: Hey, we all have our breaking points. Stay informed, but know it’s okay to turn off the news when you need to.
  8. Stay off social media when you feel overwhelmed: Same previous rule applies here too.
  9. Use social media for good: It’s always in vogue to spread positivity and hope on social media. That doesn’t have to end during this pandemic. Share good stories and content that allows for strong connections.
  10. Actually listen to music: Remember that “old” album you haven’t listened to in a while because you “just don’t have the time.” NOW IS THE TIME TO PUT IT ON!
  11. Exercise, however you can: This means going for walks (WHILE OBSERVING SOCIAL DISTANCING PLEASE!) and home workouts. Try them!
  12. Give grace: Showing grace and kindness to others right now will not go unnoticed. You might turn someone else’s day around by cutting them some slack and realizing that this sucks for all of us.
  13. Send snail mail: It’s nostalgic, and fun! It takes your mind off of everything else too.
  14. Cook a new recipe: Now is the time to try and come up with ideas for new things to eat at home!
  15. Cuddle your pet: They have to be loving the time you’re spending at home right now!
  16. Watch a funny movie or standup special on Netflix: Laughter really is fantastic medicine!
  17. Look at pet pictures: Animals just make us happy, right?
  18. Organize your closet: It’s productive, and it buys you time for coming up with cute outfits for when everything is back to normal!
  19. Take advantage of take-out options: Sure, we’re all eating at home more now, but what feels great still is taking a break from cooking, right? Go for it in this safe way!

How are you staying positive during this pandemic?

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  1. I find that getting ready in the morning always makes me feel better and I end up more productive. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Agreed. Me too!!

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