Rochester Musician Proves He’s An Ally For The Arts For The 1,000th Time

If you live in Rochester, Minnesota you probably know (or have at least heard of) John Sievers.

Let me assure you that the headline for this blog is not an attempt at sarcasm. I do not mean to belittle John at all. I’m actually completely serious when I say I feel like this is the thousandth (or so) time that I’ve seen him step up to the plate when it comes to our arts community. He’s an incredible member of our community!

If you don’t know John, say “Hi John!” by checking out this picture below.

That’s John with his dancing partner Summer Kanz. He’s putting his money where his feet is (poor pun intended) this time – and for a good cause!

John told me, “I’m passionate about the arts in our community, and Dancing for the Arts is a way to raise funds for arts education. For our arts community to flourish we need to prioritize funding arts education, and if making a fool of myself dancing is the way to further that aim, I’m all about it. As a musician and writer, I think we need to do everything we can to get the next generation of artists, dancers, and all creative folks excited about the arts, one of the only ways to express our humanity.” Who wouldn’t agree with that!?

Dancing For The Arts is connected with the Greater Rochester Arts and Cultural Trust. The event specifically raises funds (or “fun” raises) for youth arts education. You can actually watch it on May 9th at the Hilton.

Like most of us, John isn’t super comfortable with dancing in public, but he’s powering through for this. He says, “I’m super nervous about dancing. I’ve always been the one making music for people to dance to. The last time I really danced in public was as a senior in High School at Davenport West. My wife Beth was on the Pom Squad and they did a dance routine needing male partners. There was no way I could let someone else dance with her, so I had to do it. Supporting arts education is probably just about the only other thing that could get me to dance. My professional dance partner Summer Kanz is awesome though, and she’s doing everything she can to get me ready. I’ll give it my all to support our arts community.” I’ll give you a minute to pause after that super sweet mention of his wife! Awwwww!

Consider this your invite to something amazing for our city.

This is, of course, a fundraiser after all. John and Summer will need all of the help and votes that they can get to win this thing! So, let’s do this.

Go vote for these two, and (if you can) make a donation in their honor. Just click here.

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