Val’s Best February Looks

We’re nearing March, and I am so ready for spring! But first, let’s take a look back at some looks that killed this February.

I’ll admit that there were more than a few Elsa vibes here. The cold didn’t really bother me this month. In fact, for Minnesota, this has been a pretty tame winter so far. So, I took more chances when it came to styling my looks this past month. Want to reflect with me?

Check these out…

Let’s start with my favorite winter coat that I’m still rocking.

You just can’t go wrong with animal print of any kind, really. It’s still a trend in 2020. To make this look a little more “February” I added a cute heart purse. I’m not so into red as much anymore, but I prefer it over pink. Accessories are a great (and less expensive) way to make a look seasonal when you don’t want to invest in a giant heart sweater – get my drift?

Onto the next!

Again, the heart purse makes an appearance here! It totally adds to the “February vibe” while I’m still rocking a blazer, fishnets, and band tee that I wear no matter what time of year it was anyway. It’s perfect!

I also got a little more into the leather this past month.

I shouldn’t say that I was wearing leather necessarily (I wouldn’t. It’s not my thing). It was more like I wore a lot of pleather this past month.

I absolutely love the badass and authoritative vibe a nice leather jacket can put out. As a metal and hard rock fan, it’s my duty to keep a “leather” jacket in my closet at all times, I feel.

I loved paring this fake yet awesome fabric with my Doc Martens and my Converse shoes.

Lastly, let’s take a look at some layering inspo. We’ll need it since winter is sort of still around!

I’m actually not wearing pants here. I layered a summer dress over leggings, with a rust colored sweater, and plaid scarf that matched. I was comfy, warm, and cute! You can’t go wrong with that!

The matching beret was the icing on the cake.

I was inspired by the February issue of Vogue to create this look from items that were already in my own closet. I just focused on matching the colors and plaid prints. Apparently, they’re experts at stying things this way in Europe.

In summary, accessories were the easiest way to add hints of the season to my looks. This was the cheapest way to accomplish that. I also loved rocking some pleather, and layering for warmth.

How did you feel about your wardrobe this month?

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