Opinion: Ozzy Made A Great Album, But Should Focus On Health

If you’re like me, you’re still digesting Ordinary Man since it was released this past Friday.

Let me begin my thoughts by first stating that not only is this album an incredible and timely (I’ll explain that later) piece of work, but kudos to Ozzy Osbourne for even creating it.

You see, Ozzy doesn’t need to make music for financial reasons. He doesn’t need to prove anything to the public either. He’s an icon. He’ll be (and is) remembered as one in the rock community forever.

Ozzy Osbourne via Facebook

Yet, he still chose to make Ordinary Man despite his health issues which were only made public recently.

When Parkinson’s was revealed to be part of Ozzy’s life, it hit me in the heart strings. My grandfather suffered from it too. It was so hard for him to basically be a prisoner in his own body, and not be able to play with (or talk to) me and my brother when we were little. He could barely talk to us at an audible volume at some points. The tremors were a challenge. I can’t imagine what that was like for him. He passed when I was 10.

So how does a 71-year-old rocker stricken with Parkinson’s disease create a new album and promote it to a point of success? You get creative.

I am loving the fact that he’s getting help from his friends Jason Momoa, Elton John, and Post Malone on this album. They’re all collaborating to accomplish greatness and playing to each other’s strengths.

While I’m loving that we’re getting a dose of Ozzy still, I sincerely hope that he focuses on his health. Perhaps the decision to cancel the tour was a step in that direction. We’ve got the music. In him, we’ve got the beacon of light that all of us rockers flock to. We’ll remember him. We want him around (physically) as long as possible.

Let’s encourage that instead.

Ordinary Man is a solid record. It’s still very much Ozzy, and it’s keeping up with the evolution of rock music in 2020. The inclusion of Post Malone, Jason Momoa, and Travis Scott was a huge help toward accomplishing that.

10/10 would recommend!

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