5 Easy Content Ideas For When You Feel Like You Don’t Have Any

I’m guilty of saying the following too; “I just don’t know what to write!?” or “I don’t know what to post!”

The hardest part about using social media, in my opinion, is creating the right caption and words to accompany my post. So, I decided to take a little break from posting and reflect on that. Why is it that I felt like it was so hard to create the right caption that would please my current followers and bring in new ones?

Plain and simply, I just didn’t want to “mess up.” I believe in providing substantial content – not just an outfit post saying “hey here’s what I wore today.” To me, that’s boring! Here’s the beauty of that though: I learned that you can’t mess up. It’s easier than we think.

I bounced some ideas off of some other influencer friends and realized that the whole concept of writing a caption or coming up with ideas for content creation does not have to be that complicated. What your followers (and potential followers) really want is a wide a spectrum of posts. They want to see you. All parts of it.

Believe it or not, something as simple as what you ate that day can still spark conversations and engagement (which should always be goal #1 for you), and that picture wasn’t too hard for you to post either!

I want to give you some other ideas to branch off of when you need ideas for content creation. Check these out:

  • A “get to know you” post: Followers come and go, so something about yourself that you think you’ve shared thousands of times before may not have actually reached those interested in the subject. I say, recycle/post again and remind everyone who you are. I love seeing these types of posts on Instagram! I just did one.
  • Food: Like I said, we all love food. Start a debate about it. Ask questions about it. You’re sure to gain some easy engagement discussing food. The pineapple on pizza debate worked wonders for me!
  • Pets/Animals: A lot of us are animal lovers. Even if we’re not into animals, learning interesting facts about them that you’re able to share can grab interest. Post that cute kitty photo and tell us about her funny habits! We want to know about it, and exchange our own stories.
  • Entertainment: I post a lot about music here already, but if you’re someone who typically doesn’t don’t forget that it’s worth mentioning The Halftime Show if everyone is talking about it. If you have an opinion on something that’s happening in the entertainment world, share it. It’s easy!
  • Weather: This goes for “small talk,” and it’s no different on social media. Share weather stories!

Whether you’re an influencer, a brand, or company, remember that if you’re ever in a rut, there are some small and simple things that you can post to help keep your audience engaged and stay consistent with posting. What I mentioned previously works for most situations. Have fun with it!

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