29 Things To Do With Your Extra ‘Leap Day’

Did you realize that we’ve got a “leap year” this year?

I completely just realized that we’ve got a February 29th on our calendar for 2020, and I can’t wait to use it! It’s almost like getting an extra “free day” that we didn’t have before! The fact that it’s on a Saturday makes it that much better too.

We can use this day (and any day really, but I digress) however we want to. Some of us aren’t beholden to a work schedule that day either. Hooray! Even if you do have to work that day, I think this is something that all of us should celebrate.

If you’re not sure what to do with this “extra” day on the calendar, may I suggest some of the following items? Here are some fun ways that you could be spending Leap Day 2020.

  1. Buy someone flowers: Did we just do this on Valentine’s Day? Yes. However, it’s not a gesture that wouldn’t be welcomed otherwise on any other day. Show someone you care! Anyone.
  2. Binge, baby, binge: Now is the perfect time to binge that Netflix show you’ve been wanting to. If you’re doing it on Leap Day it’s almost like you’re not even “wasting” a day because it doesn’t typically count! I’m into Designated Survivor right now.
  3. Take a walk: We just don’t do this enough in a typical week. It’s a great way to decompress.
  4. Listen to music: Again, something that we don’t do enough of while caught up in “the routine,” I feel.
  5. Go to a show: This is my plan for February 29th, thanks to Dessa being in town. Find one near you!
  6. Get “ahead” on paperwork: It’s tax season, and, well, some of just have paperwork we need to fill out in response to a number of things. Get ahead on it and give yourself a breather in the coming week. You won’t have as much on your plate!
  7. Plan a trip: It’s never a bad time to think about planning a fun trip somewhere – even if its a day trip to somewhere local. Use this day to plan, and get excited about what’s to come!
  8. Visit a loved one: In person. It’s always worth it. You can give yourself the time to do this that day.
  9. Start that project: Whether it’s a project around the house/apartment, paperwork, a blog, a business, whatever… start it! You’ve got an extra day to do it without this “impacting” your typical schedule!
  10. Try that new restaurant in town: Maybe you haven’t made the time to do it yet? Go for it now!
  11. Do nothing: Peter Gibbons (Office Space) says it was everything he hoped it would be. Get some rest on Leap Day!
  12. Visit a park: If you want an early taste of the outdoors, a hike/walk, or trip to a preserve could be awesome!
  13. Go somewhere you’ve never been: Instead of your “regular” bar, why not try a new one?
  14. Watch your favorite movie: It just might remind you of who you are and what you’re into. Every time I watch Ace Ventura, Wayne’s World or Clerks, I get that fuzzy feeling.
  15. Go shopping: Add those items you’ve been wanting to your wardrobe that you haven’t yet!
  16. Read: It’s my opinion that we’ve lost this somewhat. It’s never a bad idea to read a good book or learn a new skill after reading. Pick one and try it out!
  17. Enjoy some skin care: Don’t have enough time during the week to really take care of your skin the way you’d like to? Do it on Leap Day! Your body will thank you.
  18. Workout: Speaking of your body thanking you, take Leap Day as an opportunity to get back on the motivation train of a gym schedule!
  19. Cook a new meal: Try something different! Learn how to cook it. You’ve got a full day to experiment.
  20. Meet a dog that you haven’t met yet: I love to challenge myself with this. Find a pooch that you haven’t met and greet it on the street! You might make a new friend (both human and animal) in the process! Honestly, you could do this with any domestic animal.
  21. Make that social media account: Been wanting to plug in but haven’t made the time to create a new Instagram profile yet? Leap Day is the day to do it!
  22. Finish that project you started: We all have projects that we’ve started but maybe haven’t finished yet. Finish yours on Leap Day!
  23. Get that massage: If you don’t typically get one, treat yourself to something new!
  24. Organize your closet: I know a business that can help with this. Organizing your closet can really help you take inventory of what’s actually in your wardrobe and help you decide what you might want to purchase for yourself or purge. I love to clean out my closet so that I can see what my clothing “options” really are.
  25. Take a bath: Most of us rush in the shower in the morning or at night, give yourself a good soak instead for a change.
  26. Have your favorite meal: There’s never a bad time to do that.
  27. Find inspiration: Follow or research things or people that inspire you. This might get some ideas for future endeavors going! You’ll have the time to do this on Leap Day instead of shoving it in during a typical “go, go, go” routine.
  28. Send a letter to a loved one: Snail mail is so refreshing and sweet. It shows thought and care. Send someone a letter for the hell of it!
  29. Go thrifting with a friend: It is so fun to see what’s in a thrift shop! Explore one on Leap Day.

These are just a few ideas that I had in mind for some fun things to do on Leap Day 2020. What did you have in mind?

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