Val Goes Back Behind The Mic – [VIDEO]

Lovelies, you know we keep it real here. This encounter was no exception.

My friend Beth Blanchard invited me to be part of a podcast called Courage Over Comfort with Matt Logan recently, and I had to be part of it. I won’t lie to you and tell you that I don’t miss being behind the mic sometimes. Radio was a passion of mine, and I truly enjoyed the fact that it immersed me in the community.

Most of you know that my life took a different direction since then, and I am no longer part of the radio business – however, when I get the chance to be behind a mic for fun, I always take it!

Beth, Matt, and myself, had a very fruitful conversation largely discussing mental health. Watch it below!

If videos aren’t your thing, you can listen to podcast on your way to work or whenever you have a free minute at any of the links below. The available platforms to listen to it are:

Tune In

I have to tell you, it was very hard to listen to myself rehash some rough memories that are still a little sensitive for me. It’s kind of like opening an old wound. I can see the difficulty of doing this in my face at some points (mainly when I talk about the ER visit and the effect on my family) when I watch it back. However, I do understand the importance of discussing mental health openly.

It is so crucial that we speak about how mental health affects us in order for us to learn. It’s my hope that you learn from our conversation. Enjoy!

Matt and Beth are hosting a live version of their podcast locally on March 5th. Be sure to check that out!

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