6 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Singles And Couples

We talk so much about Valentine’s Day being almost exclusive to couples, and yet it’s a whole day that all of us have to endure.

So here’s my thought: Why don’t we try to be a little more inclusive this time around? Why not make Valentine’s Day awesome for everyone whether they’re in a relationship or not?

I’ve been thinking about how we can do this. It really doesn’t seem that hard.

For Valentine’s Day, I want us all to treat ourselves as best we can. We all deserve it. If doing this partnered makes things more awesome for you, great! If doing this alone makes you happy, that’s great too!

Let’s just take care of ourselves and each other with these ideas:

  • Let’s bring back valentines for the “class”: If you think about it, our classroom becomes our workplace as we enter the American workforce. We spend a lot of time there. We hear everyone else’s sighs when they’ve had a stressful day. Why not exchange valentines like we did before to remind each other that we’re still thought of and appreciated? Who said this had to stop in the 5th grade?
  • A coffee fund: If valentines are too cheesy at the office, how about a coffee fund to keep each other fueled? Everyone can pitch in for treats and enjoy them together on Valentine’s Day. We don’t have to limit ourselves to Christmas party potlucks, ya know.
  • Start a “pay it forward” chain: I hear friends of mine rave about this for weeks after they’ve been hit by one. You always hear about folks in the Starbucks or MOKA line who will pay for the order of the person behind them. Why not be the person who starts this train at your favorite spot?
  • Go on a self-love shopping spree: I’m not saying go nuts and blow your entire paycheck here, but I think it’s okay to splurge on yourself in moderation – especially, on Valentine’s Day.
  • Book a boudoir photoshoot: You can do this alone, or with your partner. It’s super sexy and confidence boosting! Plus, you’ll have super hot pics for Instagram, and everyone wins with those posts.
  • Netflix and learn: There’s a lot of awesome things to watch on Netflix, but this Valentine’s Day why not watch a mentally stimulating documentary instead of The Office for the thousandth time? Okay, I get it, I love The Office too – but hear me out: a documentary sparks amazing conversation with a partner in how you both interpreted the information you just viewed. If you’re alone, you’ll give yourself something to think about. Time well spent either way! I just finished The Pharmacist with my hubby and we talk about the OxyContin issue for hours after.

Whether you’re single or partnered, any of ideas work for you. That’s the whole point! Get love and spread it!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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