6 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Singles And Couples

We talk so much about Valentine’s Day being almost exclusive to couples, and yet it’s a whole day that all of us have to endure.

So here’s my thought: Why don’t we try to be a little more inclusive this time around? Why not make Valentine’s Day awesome for everyone whether they’re in a relationship or not?

I’ve been thinking about how we can do this. It really doesn’t seem that hard.

For Valentine’s Day, I want us all to treat ourselves as best we can. We all deserve it. If doing this partnered makes things more awesome for you, great! If doing this alone makes you happy, that’s great too!

Let’s just take care of ourselves and each other with these ideas:

Whether you’re single or partnered, any of ideas work for you. That’s the whole point! Get love and spread it!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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