Heels Suck! Here’s What To Do About Them

It’s pretty rare that I’ll ever say something should be banned completely, but if I ever did, heels would certainly get a nomination!

I have trouble with heels for a variety of reasons; my balance sucks as it is and they don’t help with that, my instep is high (and that makes heel shopping difficult – sometimes a “wide” heel is too loose or too tight in other areas!), and I just haven’t mastered in how to appear graceful in them. If ya’ll know of any classes that could teach me this skill, please let me know!

In the meantime, let’s admit that in a society that demands consideration of our appearance (I’ve tried to fight this but LAWD it’s here!), heels have been regarded as “polished” and “professional” and therefore are one of few footwear options which are “workplace appropriate.”

So, how is a girl supposed to be comfortable during the work day if she’s supposed to wear these spawns of Satan!? You use tips and tricks, and I learned from other ladies and some fierce humans who were kind enough to offer suggestions. You can also use some “Val alternatives” that I came up with.

First, check out these cheap inserts that I found at Target. If the back of your foot gets “bit” by your heels while you’re breaking them in, these babies can provide some comfort during that time and take that problem away. I also need these to fill in a “gap” that my high instep sometimes creates. Thankfully, we can find a lot of insert options for our shoes to accommodate our foot needs today. Look into what works for you!

Secondly, I’d like to thank sweet baby Jesus (or whoever is providing for us above) for loafers. DEAR GOD, ARE THEY COMFORTABLE. They’re almost like slippers, but professional in look. Find a stylish pair like I did that will keep you comfy and polished. If you know you’ll be wearing them around the office regularly, stock up! It will be worth the money.

Unfortunately, my working experience has shown me that boots just aren’t considered “professional” in appearance yet (I know, this bothers me too!) – unless you’re working in a factory or any other trade. Because of this, I avoid boots at the office anymore. I have found loafers to be a wonderful alternative (which doesn’t get a reprimand) instead.

I haven’t given up on heels completely just yet. I honestly think I need more practice walking in them. After that, I’ll feel better. I love the way they look, and I do want to embrace them.

Do you make heels part of your wardrobe?

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