4 Accessories Every Rocker Chick Needs In 2020

I pride myself on being a “rocker chick.” I don’t take offense to the label.

Honestly, in some ways, that was the only way I got attention from my peers in high school. This was their identifier for me. I didn’t mind it.

At thirty years old, I’m still very much that “rocker chick” on the inside, though my style has become more refined. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come up with more ways to show my love for music in fashion and do it in a tasteful way.

Want to see how I did this? Take a look at some fun new accessory purchases I’ve made that helped.

  • A lock necklace: For a fun/funky/easy way to give any basic t-shirt some edge, add this necklace à la Billie Eilish.
  • This celestial belt: A cute add on for a little bit of drama in an outfit, but not too much. Head to ModCloth for this belt.
  • This photography locket: This was my attempt at finding an original piece that I was into. If you’re a Beetlejuice fan too, you’ll love it. I strongly encourage investing in an original accessory piece that speaks to you and your personality. I have a “Italian horn” necklace that does this for me too.
  • The “dog collar” necklace: Yep. That’s exactly what my husband labeled this piece when I opened it up upon arrival. It’s a choker – and a cool one thank you very much! I was inspired to purchase this after checking out Joséphine de La Baume, who rocks one regularly.

Do any of these accessories speak to you?

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