4 February Events To Attend In Rochester

I love doing these monthly lists for my city. You ready?

We’re already into the second month of 2020. Here’s what is happening in Rochester, Minnesota this February.

  • SocialICE – Rochester Minnesota’s Ice Bar: This year, a Stranger Things bar is happening. I’m serious. You’ll want to put this on your calendar from February 6th – 8th.
  • Calling Dinosaurs at Forager: They’re not here often, but when they are it’s worth attending the show. Mark your calendar for February 28th.
  • Big Turn Music Fest 2020: Okay, we’ll categorize this one as Southeast Minnesota exclusive and not necessarily Rochester, but, still worth going to. A lot of our favorite Rochester acts are playing this fest from February 21st – 23rd.
  • Dessa at The Castle: I mean, it shouldn’t surprise you that tickets for this talented lady’s show sold out online in minutes. Keep your eyes open for more and set your calendar for February 29th at The Castle to attend.

February is kind of a slow month for our area given the weather, however, these four events are sure to be an awesome time. Enjoy!

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