How I Got My New Instagram Aesthetic

You might’ve noticed a new look to my Instagram feed this week.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again; I just go with the flow of things. If I change up my vibe, it’s because it’s what I’m feeling at the time.

This time, I wanted you all to have the ability to see my face. I realized that my darker retro edit kind of made that difficult previously.

So – voila! Take a look at the new vibe!

If you’re asking how I got this look, I’ll fill you in on how.

I literally google’d “creamsicle preset” and found what felt like the perfect aesthetic which matched my desired vibe in seconds. Let me introduce you to Aglow Presets. They’re presets that you can purchase which transfer directly to Lightroom. So, for starters, you’re going to want to download the Adobe Lightroom app, which I highly recommend anyway. It’s a great and easy to use editor!

Next, I found the aesthetic I wanted. You can find some you’d like on Etsy or Pintrest easily too. I just happened to start with Google for mine. I followed the directions to transfer it to Adobe Lightroom – and I was set! I’ve been using that preset ever since.

Hope you like the new vibe! Have you found one that you’re into?

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