4 Winter Coat Trends To Be Obsessed With

Want to stay on trend and keep warm this season?

In Minnesota, we definitely do! But, no matter where you are in the world, you always want to stay stylish during a season that sometimes makes it hard to do just that – winter.

Winter hits hard. Stay prepared and get fashionable with a few tips from my closet! Hint: you don’t have to break the bank to look put together and warm.

Here’s what I’m obsessed with when it comes to winter outwear this season.

  • Leopard print coats: Very on trend right now!

Leopard print has become a staple in our wardrobes for years. It shouldn’t be a surprise that this would apply to outwear too. While we saw snake, zebra and leopard print blow up last year, we’re seeing it creep into 2020 as well. Just look at the streetwear pics we’re seeing on Instagram right now. It’s everywhere! Animal print anything a classic wardrobe staple that isn’t going anywhere.

If you like my leopard print coat, you can find the same one for yourself from Hot Topic. I know, I’m 30 and still shop there. Go ahead: JUDGE ME.

  • The sherpa trend: a warm and fuzzy throwback.

We saw this trend take over the 70s, and now its made a comeback this winter. Exhibit A: a recent Instagram post from yours truly.

I’m kind of combining two trends into one right here, but bare with me – you can take smaller steps if you want. I love plaid, so I fell in love with this coat immediately. I didn’t think about it being sherpa until later, but once I noticed that it was indeed this lovely fabric, something about it spoke major retro vibes to me which I loved. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some sheriff in a 70s movie or criminal documentary wear the exact same coat.

If you’re asking yourself “what is sherpa?” Don’t worry. I did too. Basically, it’s a polyester material that mimics wool. It keeps you warm without the heaviness loading it down. That is the benefit of this material.

You can find this exact coat I’m wearing at American Eagle.

  • The leather jacket: Never out of style. ‘Nuff said.

What hasn’t been said about leather jackets before? They’ve been the sole fashionable providers of a badass confidence boost since greasers made them big in the 50s. There’s just a sense of magic to them.

You can snag mine from Target for less than $40.

  • The oversized coat: Ever wanted to feel like Lil’ Kim from 1997? Do yourself a favor and snag one of these babies.

I got this one from Target as well. It’s currently out of stock at Target, but there is a similar one on Amazon that you can find.

I found all of these coats to be affordable, stylish and sufficient for cold Minnesota winters. I love them! Do you have a favorite too?

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