5 Frontmen That Prove Capricorns Make Great Band Leaders

Ever wondered what it takes to make a great frontman (or woman) in rock?

In my humble opinion, as a fan, I think it takes a few things. It takes an element of being a neurotic perfectionist, an ability and level of consciousness to take pride in their craft, and – you’ve got to be able to perform. You can’t be afraid to be a menace on stage.

To me, those characteristics are very evident in people born under the Capricorn sign of the zodiac.

Want proof? Let’s go through five “band leaders” or frontmen in rock that do their job well.

  • Peter Steele (Type O Negative): Born under the “wolf moon” on January 4th, 1962 in New York, Peter Steele is best known as the menacing frontman for Type O Negative. Some mistook him for a “goth” because of his looks, but dude was much more sardonic and sarcastic among friends and family. When it came to music and Type O’s aesthetic, he took it very seriously. There’s a rumor he insisted that a specific color of green be used when it came to Type O Negative designs and album covers. He wasn’t afraid to work either, Peter was a garbage truck driver for a period of time while he developed Type O Negative. He quit that job when Bloody Kisses took off.
  • Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters): Born January 15, 1969, Dave Grohl is best known as a member of Nirvana and leader of the Foo Fighters. He doesn’t take his role as leader for the Foo’s lightly either. Rolling Stone once explained,

He has invested two years and his own money – including the Foos’ take from two stadium shows in Mexico last year – in Sonic Highways, also the title of the band’s companion album. The follow-up to Sound City, Grohl’s 2013 film about a fabled L.A. studio, the HBO show is an eight-part tour of great American rock and roots-music cities such as Chicago, Austin, New Orleans and Seattle. Grohl conceived Highways, directed it and conducted interviews with a catholic spectrum of peers and elders, including bluesman Buddy Guy, Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers, country singer Carrie Underwood and President Obama.

Grohl himself is “pretty fucking presidential,” claims Hawkins, 42, a lanky live wire who is practically Grohl’s double in enthusiasm and profanity. “Dave’s always been like, ‘I’ve got some great fucking songs. I know what I want them to be. Let’s do this.’ He’s never just sat there and gone, ‘Fuck, what should we do?’ – never.”

So yeah, he takes his shit very seriously. He’s not all business though. He’s also got a reputation as being the “nicest guy in rock,” and I believe it!

  • Rob Zombie: If you’ve been a rock fan at all over the last thirty years, this man needs no introduction. Born in Massachusetts on January 12th, 1965, he’s best known as a solo act but also had a solid ride with White Zombie too. Everything Rob does is intentional, whether it’s music or stage design for a show – it’s all done with a purpose. Music Radar explained it best when they said, “Since rising to fame with White Zombie in the ’80s, the 49 year-old Massachusettiasn has not only shifted an impressive 16 million albums, he’s also written and directed eight horror films, successfully rebooted the Halloween franchise (to the tune of nearly $120 million), and even helmed an episode of CSI: Miami. Alongside this he’s built a reputation for one of the most unmissable, theatrical live shows since Kiss’ pyro-friendly heyday.”

  • Jonathan Davis (Korn): Born in California on January 18th, 1971, Jonathan Davis has been leading Korn, and doing it really well. My favorite part about him is his passion for mental health. He’s taken his role as a leading public figure seriously, and spread some important messages along the way.

Got any other rocker in mind that deserves recognition as a hard working Capricorn? Let’s hear about them in the comments!

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  1. Wow you missed loads!! David Bowie…Elvis…Lemmy…Syd Barratt…Rod Stewart….Ronnie Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd to name a few. Thanks for including Peter and Dave though.

  2. If he’s born Jan 20th, Paul Stanley is an Aquarius. Actually on the cusp of Capricorn.

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