30 Thoughts On Turning 30

It’s now officially 2020, and that means I’m turning 30 this year. I have some thoughts on that.

Instead of doing the typical “Dirty 30” long weekend type party in Nashville (which seems to be all the rage these days), I’m setting up a happy hour with my friends.

I feel like a happy hour is more appropriate for my lifestyle. I’m not one to need a whole big “to-do” for my birthday, but I do want to celebrate somewhat and have some friends around. A happy hour allows us to hang out knowing that anyone can come and go as they like, and my neighbors will thank me for not throwing a party in my apartment.

As I plan for the day’s events and think about turning 30, I’ve realized what that means to me. I have thoughts. I have questions. If you’ve hit thirty, some of these things may seem familiar to you.

Oh, that picture you just saw is totally edited, by the way. Fact: I started out with a “3” and a “0” ballon each… then one blew away while I set up my tripod to take the picture. PicsArt saved the day here and made everything look cohesive even though the wind had other plans.

Now, back to business – these are some of the thoughts that I had about turning 30 on Friday.

  1. Is this my last chance to have a birthday party? Honestly, don’t parties seem redundant or “weird” past this age, or is it just me? Of course, it doesn’t have to be, but should it be?
  2. Is this the decade that I can I finally be secure with myself? You always hear about women becoming “more secure with themselves” when they reach their 30s and 40s. I guess now I’ll find out if that’s true! Anyway, if I don’t, who cares? Life is about a journey.
  3. Is it ridiculous that I’m 30 and not a homeowner? American society seems to be telling me so. It’d be nice if this changes this decade.
  4. Is this the decade that I think about kids? My hope is yes, but Turner Syndrome limits this. It’s also my personal opinion that my credit card debt should be sorted out before this. I’d also want to raise my child in a house — not an apartment.
  5. I want to take better care of myself this go-around: Tim McGraw has a song called “My Next Thirty Years” — and I’m hoping to take his advice. I’m hoping to worry less, and focus on my overall health more. I didn’t even consider my mental health in my 20s. I just thought it was something I had to sacrifice to survive. Finally, at almost 30, I’ve learned that this is simply not true.
  6. Maybe getting older will help me say “no” more often: If becoming more secure in yourself means being more direct and conscientious, I’m in!
  7. I don’t want to give up my fashion sense just because I’m 30: There’s this stigma…or, stereotype, if you will… that fashion gets boring and conservative when you’re older. Welp, ain’t nobody got time for that! Especially me. You know who challenges this? Women like Gwen Stefani and P!nk. I love them.
  8. It’s going to suck going to shows now, but maybe staying active will help me: Those memes about being 30 or older and your back killing you at a metal show (or any venue that requires standing for hours on end) are true. Already feeling it at 29! BUT, if I’m active in the gym and workout my lower back, maybe this won’t be such a problem?
  9. If I want to maintain friendships, I’m going to have to work at it: People say the older you get the fewer friends you have. If this is true, I know the only way to combat this is by maintaining the friendships that I have now.
  10. Balance your diet, girl: It’s time to really make sure salads, yogurt, and fruit are part of my diet. Pizza doesn’t have to go, but it should be consumed in moderation.
  11. You’re not responsible for the feelings of others: Can I just beat this into my own head please!? I’ve been up at 2AM for too many nights analyzing interactions I’ve had with others only to realize that they could’ve cared less about me – or that “what I did” didn’t actually hurt them. My 30s is when I need to stop this.
  12. Your body will change, so accept it: No matter how hard you workout or how hard you diet, your body is going to change purely because you’re getting older – accept your body as is. Don’t ignore your body, but don’t punish it either. Don’t hate it. Embrace it.
  13. It’s okay to “think” about things before responding to someone: The world won’t end because you take some time to consider your reply (and how it will affect you) to someone else’s request. I used to think this way – especially in the workforce. Take your time, and make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re about to be involved in.
  14. Buy the things that will sustain you, not help you follow a trend: I want to get in the habit of only purchasing things that I know I’ll be happy with for years, not months. I work too hard for my money. So does my husband. Think about how you’re spending it before you do.
  15. Invest in what matters: On that previous subject, investing in what matters is a good habit to form. This means investing your money and time in things that are meaningful. Don’t accept an invitation just because someone else might think “it’s a good idea.” Consider what a good idea is for you.
  16. Why did I wait to take care of my skin!? Girl, in my 30s, skin care is going to be self-care. I don’t know why I didn’t see the value of this in my 20s, but I’ve been so much happier giving my face a break from makeup from time to time and washing it regularly. There’s a reason why Stevie Nicks looks fantastic at 71; she never failed to remove her makeup or wash her face!
  17. Social media is only going to grow: I see it becoming apart of our futures in a larger capacity. Up those skills! You won’t regret it.
  18. Opinions are just that… opinions, not facts: God, I hope I remember this and really start to learn not to take things so personally.
  19. Time is your most valuable asset: Money comes and goes, and time isn’t infinite either. Use it wisely. Use it in a way that makes you proud.
  20. You can tell people what you want: Of course, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get it, but damn girl – you’ve earned the success and skills that you have now! It’s okay to show them off, use them, and know that they’re worth something. You’re no longer the “young girl” in the office. You’ve paid your dues by now.
  21. Travel while you can: I’m going to imagine that my 30s and 40s will be the period where I’ll have the money and time to travel. Take advantage! Traveling teaches us so much.
  22. Get a wardrobe that you’re proud of: It’s time. You know that Forver 21 clothes don’t last, boo. Let em’ go and invest in some pieces that you’ll find multiple uses for.
  23. The only person “stopping” you is you: It can certainly feel like you’re chained to things or ideals that you’re “forced” to accept, but the truth is – you aren’t forced to accept anything. You really are the artist of your life. Craft what you want for it!
  24. Communicate: You can never under-communicate. Giving folks a heads up on where your mind is/what your schedule is can be respectful, efficient, and productive. Make it a habit!
  25. I’m glad that I left my hometown: Please don’t mistake me saying this for a declaration of hatred toward Pittsburgh – I’m actually saying the opposite. When I left my hometown, I learned a lot about “the rest of the world.” I also began to appreciate the area that I was raised in. Leave yours at some point too, for however long. You will too.
  26. Don’t be afraid to make new friends: Sure, keeping old friends can be hard as we get older, but that doesn’t mean making new ones has to be. You can never have enough loving people in your life. Go find them – even at 30!
  27. It’s okay to get into new music: While you should never reject any form of music you once “loved,” (if it meant something to you) know that it’s totally okay to find new stuff to be into as well. I plan on doing this.
  28. The hangover isn’t worth it: Hey, let’s be real. For most of us, our twenties were full of experimenting with alcohol. We know our limits now. Obey them! The hangover the next day just isn’t worth the other things you’ll miss.
  29. Don’t “do it for the ‘gram” – do it for you: Create the art or photo that you want to. Instagram’s algorithm changes constantly anyway.
  30. Age is just a number: It’s corny, but it’s just a number. It doesn’t have to be how you feel.

What were your thoughts about turning 30?

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