The Gully Boys Ripped My Face Off, Let Them Rip Yours Too

It’s not every day in 2020 that we see a band who takes us back to the early 90s…. or it is?

With the development of bands like Nasty Cherry and The Tenth, and in recognizing their recent success, it sure seems like there’s an interest in recreating the sounds like the ones that Hole, The Bangles, and The Go-Go’s gave us before.

In Minnesota, we have the Gully Boys for that, and they’ve been part of the scene since 2016 or so.

I’ve been hearing good things about them from friends for the past year, so when I knew they were coming to my city, I grabbed the opportunity to see their show for myself. They tore up the Thesis Beer Project in Rochester this weekend. In fact, they included a wonderful cover of Hole’s “Violet” in their set too.

What struck me about these ladies was not that their sound was overly original (it isn’t, and that’s okay), but that their energy was entirely their own.

Kaytee, Natalie, and Nadirah all have their own unique fashion sense (which I loved btw!) on stage. While they may musically sound somewhat like Hole, they’re not “totally copying” Courtney Love by wearing a pair of docs and baby-doll dresses. They’re rocking looks that fall somewhere between grunge goddess with flower power, and electric 80s princess. It’s a mashup. It’s their own.

My guess was that they made their way to Rochester to celebrate the release of their Phony EP, which came out last month. It’s on iTunes now. I bought it. You should too.

If you compare the newest EP to Not So Brave, for example, you’ll notice that Phony is a little more mellow musically and lyrically. I felt as though Not So Brave had a little more edge. To me, this signifies a representation of range, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the Gully Boys put out next!

While these are my humble opinions, I’m more interested in yours. This is your style personified, boo. Express yourself! What do you think of the Gully Boys? Were you at the show?

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