The First Big Fashion Trend Of 2020: The Beret

We did say we were entering the roaring 20’s, didn’t we!?

When I think of vintage fashion from the 1920s and beyond, I can’t deny that berets are a big part of it. In fact, Wikipedia explains, “The beret is part of the long-standing stereotype of the intellectualfilm directorartist, “hipster“, poet, bohemian and beatnik. The painter Rembrandt and the composer Richard Wagner, among others, wore berets.[26] In the United States and Britain, the middle of the 20th century saw an explosion of berets in women’s fashion. In the latter part of the 20th century, the beret was adopted by the Chinese both as a fashion statement and for its political undertones. Berets were also worn by bebop and jazz musicians like Dizzy GillespieGene KrupaWardell Gray and Thelonious Monk.” Simply put – berets make statements, honey.

Here I am rocking a rust-colored one. You can find it at (surprise) Target.

I do see berets as a major part of fashion in 2020. They’re making a comeback! I think the resurgence of 90s fashion in stores (over the past three years or so) combined with our “roaring 20s” mantra for 2020 has inspired them to peek into our wardrobes too. We’re going to love pairing them with cute dresses and combat boots this spring!

If you’re looking for the right beret for you to invoke serious #bossbabe and #ootd vibes, think about finding one that fits your hair color and personal color palette.

Chi Chi suggests, “Your beret’s shade should not only pair well with the tones of your wardrobe, but should also be chosen to best suit your hair colour: blondes look great with green, light blue, grey and pink berets; brunettes with brown, forest green, burgundy and red; black hair looks stunning with purple, red, cream and navy blue; and redheads look best with deep greens, navy blues and light pink berets. There are so many colours and options but you can also never go wrong with a simple black.”

I’m leaning more toward the obvious black and earth tones for me. What does a beret mean to you? To me, it can evoke a sense of sophistication and power thanks to its European and revolutionary connections.

This is your style personified though, boo. Express yourself! What does a beret do for you?

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