It’s Okay To Let Your Hair Air-Dry

As women, we’re all guilty of this.

I’m here to admit that I’m guilty of feeling like I have to have my hair perfectly dried and styled before I leave for work in the morning. I even feel the need to have it done before I go out with friends. Yet, for some reason, rolling up to Target or the grocery store to run a few errands… eh, I could care less? But! I digress!

If you’re like me, you’d prefer to leave home with your hair looking right. Winter is annoying because (although you’ve scores some cute hate you’re excited to wear) you hate what hats do to your hair after you’ve put so much effort into styling it!

Because I no longer wanted to struggle with this, I decided to take a page out of Alexa Chung’s style book. You see, she’s pretty low key when it comes to her hair routine.

You might call it “bedhead,” but I call it “oh I actually have time to get shit done in the morning while still looking presentable!” head.

You don’t want to necessarily neglect your hair. You want to nurture it.

Today, I went for an air-dry look (by simply keeping my hair-dryer on low heat and not using any styling products) and I saw immediate benefits; one being, I no longer had to worry about how a hat affected the way I styled my hair, because it was already in its natural state. I saved myself major time in the morning too. I wasn’t in such a rush!

Here’s the finished product! It’s a sneak peek at an upcoming Capricorn themed post I’ve got coming up too!

What do you think?

I don’t think it’s much different from my straightened look. It’s also not tied up and hidden from the world because I think it “looks weird” either.

Alexa reminded me to embrace my hair in its natural form and texture.

If you needed further proof that you’re going to see more of a low effort hair look on the runways and the streets, check this out too. I also used it for reference in making this decision.

Express yourself! This is your style personified, boo! Comment with some thoughts on this technique.

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