9 Instagrammers That Were A Mood In 2019

Please tell me you’ve been following these people in 2019.

Personally, I’ve found them to be a huge mood this year. They’re inspiring for a lot of reasons.

If they aren’t on your Instagram radar for 2020, allow me to tell you why I think they should be.

Let’s start with @jaglever:

This queen is not only a personal style icon of mine, she also reminds us that we don’t have to be “girly” to be “pretty” or “cute.” You’re more likely to see her wear docs with a dress than heels. I love that!

If you didn’t get enough #bossbabe vibes from her yet, you will. She launched a brand new t-shirt designed by her this year.

Oh, and anyone who can dress up as Edward Scissorhands and ride an NYC subway in full costume is awesome in my book. You can actually have conversations with her about spooky things and horror movies. The interaction is so appreciated!

Again, Rachel proves that it’s okay to be a little “weird” and get creative with your posts. You also don’t have to be a perfectly organized and frilly “girly ‘girly” to get the likes either.

Onto her friend @steffy:

She’s another Instagrammer that isn’t afraid to do “costumes” her own way. You’re more likely to see fun matching family outfits from her than something creepy, because she’s just not into horrific things – and that’s okay.

Steffy will show you how to style anything from Modcloth and turn it into a revolutionary “new” look, even though the pieces are straight vintage. Her looks are so neat and clean – yet show plenty of personality! She’ll wear the cutest sweaters that make your heart melt because they’ll feature a sweet fox on them… or something of the like.

Her connection to her followers is a huge mood too, because she will respond to your comment and she’ll include you in big moments in her life. The best example of this was her pregnancy announcement and gender reveal this year. She also takes you into what her day looks like behind the scenes. Her trusty assistant helps her get it all done! Nope… not jealous…at all.

Speaking of connections to followers, another queen of that is @misshoneylavender:

This woman is so passionate about sustainable clothing, and it shows! Jordan can turn anything old into new.

My favorite thing about following her is the style inspo that I get, plus I get clues on clean beauty products that I should make part of my life.

She’s so eco-friendly, and I appreciate that. From her, I learn how to be more conscious of what I’m purchasing and how it affects the world.

I also enjoy her fun and friendly personality. You’re just instantly happy when you hear her voice or see her smile on her stories.

There’s another mood that I’m into when it comes to who I follow on Instagram too, and that’s sassy. No one does that better than @klintetothetop:

She’s become an official car selfie queen, so I take notes from her on that.

I also was fortune enough to meet her in June. We spent the day in Minneapolis loving the food options and scouting places for Instagrammable shots. We shot content for each other. Like the rest of us doing the Instagram thing, her car is also a second closet too!

Note: Lake Street is great for murals if you can hack it, but don’t stay too long!

I relate to Hillary because she doesn’t sugarcoat things. She is kind. She is respectful. She’s also honest. I believe that shines through on her Instagram account too.

Speaking of honesty, let’s talk about @pointy.chin.diaries:

What drew me to her account first was her handle. It’s hilarious! It’s also accurate, because you can feel like you’re reading her diary when you catch one of her posts.

Example: a recent post which says, “Thoughts of “I should have kids by now, I should own a house by now, I should have achieved more by now, I should have done more by now” race through my mind so fast that I can hardly keep up with them. It’s funny how in one moment I’m in a great mood reminiscing about childhood, and in the next I’m having an existential crisis about the passing of time and crippling anxiety about wasting my life. Today I’m remembering to take stock of all of the things I DO have, and all of the things I HAVE done. Everything is fine, as a matter of fact it’s better than fine. Things are fucking great right now!! I am exactly where I am supposed to be, YOU are exactly where you’re supposed to be. I am enough, you are enough, we’re all doing the best we can and that’s one hell of an achievement.⁣ ⁣” Who doesn’t need reminders like that!?

As another Minnesota girl, I appreciate that she’s bringing some serious fashion sense to our state too! She’s a regular at Minneapolis fashion shows, and takes you along for the ride.

You will feel empowered and sophisticated when you follow her.

Since we’re discussing Instagrammers that make us feel empowered, let’s discuss @thriftyfatty:

If your opening sentence in a post is “Holy shitballs!” – you’re speaking my language. That’s why I follow Emily.

She’s real, relatable, and doesn’t insist on having a perfectly manicured aesthetic to her feed. She’s just showing us how to rock plus size style without looking out-dated.

She doesn’t pretend to be confident all the time either. She shows all sides of herself. This includes the nasty messages that people sometimes send her.

What bothers me about that is being reminded of how cruel some people really can be, however those posts that show the negative comments still made us feel something – and it’s all in line with Emily’s message that we’re amazing just as we are. She’ll show herself rising above that and being affected by it. She shows it all. It brings awareness to her cause.

Speaking of bringing awareness to a cause, let me tell you about @thesocialbungalow:

She is a marketing mentor, but doesn’t shove her thoughts down your throat.

I see her as a genuine person that wants to help. I mainly follow her for tips on how to use social media better, and it seems like she’s always available to share them.

She’s crafted a Facebook group that’s exclusive to her followers that want to reach her about questions they have. I’ve never gotten a pushy or sales-y vibe from her at all. Just sound and logical advice.

As we head back to Minnesota, let’s look at @lizannelately:

She truly does support local businesses. She also fills you in on some of the coolest spots that Minnesota has to offer, and I’ll bet she informs you of them before you got the memo yourself.

I see a fun-loving girl who wants to show off her state, and I love that!

Lastly, let’s get to the realest of the real, @savannahleesimmons:

When it comes to mental health, I love following Savannah.

My favorite post of hers is one that said, “One of the hardest things i’ve ever done is decide to meet myself where i’m at, and to accept myself as i am, while still giving myself the strength, power, and resources for change. There are days i wake up feeling lost, inherently dark, and sometimes just downright afraid to go out into the world, but working toward happiness and peace, even in these moments, is challenging and changing my heart. Heart changes don’t happen over night. they don’t transform your soul immediately or lead you to instant contentment or peace of mind. heart changes only happen with time, energy, space, silence, and hard work. but once you begin to put in the work, you begin to see results. scratch that, you begin to FEEL results. Be kind to yourself in the process. you won’t change immediately, but with time. so give yourself the time you need and love yourself as you are. just make sure you’re loving yourself enough to know when hard work and a heart change are a necessary battle. that is one of the most powerful things a person can do.

She writes a lot about acceptance, and is honest about it when she has a rough day herself. She approaches it all with a grateful attitude.

All of these amazing women have made me feel something in 2019. They really were a total mood, and I hope that you give them a chance.

Express yourself! This is your style personified, boo. What do you think of their content?

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