Class Of 2019: Val’s Best Looks Of The Year

What better way to wrap up 2019 than to take a look at some seriously awesome outfits?

I’ll be honest. This year was a transformative year for me. I stepped into blogging and content creation more. I did my best to create a life for myself that I wanted after a major depressive episode in 2018.

I changed jobs again this year. I changed my hair this year. I also decided to be more intentional with the clothes I was buying this year.

You see, I was sick of buying clothes that were “trendy” but not quite my preferred color palette or style. I decided to change that by admitting that it’s okay to love black and warm earth-toned colors as I do. I decided to wait until a piece of clothing spoke to me (and I was excited about it) before I bought it. So, now, if an item doesn’t fit those qualities I’m looking for… I simply don’t buy it. It’s made my life so much easier!

Without further delay, let’s take a look back at some of my best looks from 2019.

In a perfect effort toward spring boho style, I liked this look a lot.

We were all about headbands and scarves this spring. I’m hoping to bring them back again next year!

Moving on, let’s look at this piece of summer freedom.

Pairing a white tee with a maxi dress was perfect for a cool start to summer. The white tee with a dress look owned spring and summer 2019.

We also can’t forget how essential bike shorts and band tees were this summer either. This next look shows how I most often rocked it.

If you could mix your favorite band tee into a grunge look – even better! Grunge was in this year. We were allowed to play with and mix prints this year, which I loved! I want to continue that concept into 2020.

Speaking of prints, plaid was everywhere!

In the summer, we rocked plaid in paper shorts that were lightweight/comfy/perfect for the season. Now, into the holidays, they’re a classic print that we’re retiring to.

Oh, I might’ve mentioned that accessories were fun this year too. My favorite find were this hippie-esque sunnies!

Then, we move into a hair change for me. This summer, I ended up with some confidence back. Part of showing that was returning my hair to it’s natural color and state.

Bye bye balayage! Hello back in black! Also, hello to horizontal stripes again now that I no longer cared if they made me look “fat” or not.

It was pretty fitting that I changed my Instagram edits here too.

In addition to championing the grunge look, I also threw it back to the 70s a little this year. Retro was a theme with me. Example: my Steve Nicks wedding guest look from August.

I also invested in some cute orange Vans which became a wardrobe staple for me.

As long as we’re talking about accessories, I figured I should bring this one up too! It was a hit all year! I love this backpack from ModCloth.

Retro bags and accessories were it this year.

Oh, and I loved experimenting with overalls! They’re such a 90s vibe for me. I loved incorporating them into my wardrobe this summer. I learned that you can wear them in a number of ways.

You can rock them with tights, fun socks, band tees… whatever you want to make them last all year long!

Black dresses were a thing too. Especially as we made our way into fall. Because, duh…

This fall, I lived by one motto when it came to my wardrobe: the more corduroy, the better! I invested in corduroy skits, pants, and overalls. Check this out!

Next, we’ve got fair isle knit sweaters were everywhere when we returned to colder months. My favorite of the season was an orange and black combo from Target.

Also, in October, I began a fishnet obsession. They just go with a ton of looks!! They’re a classic, and I can’t see how anyone could ignore them. I worked them into skirts. Next year, I want to work them into overalls and shorts for a bit of flair.

Animal print became more prominent in my wardrobe late this year. You’ll see more of it in 2020. For some reason, I now feel like it’s holiday appropriate too! A lot of ladies are into it right now.

I was also into fun prints on sweaters too… like this fox one!

And lastly, to complete my retro trip about 2019 – every vintage fashionista needed plaid pants. I invested in them too!

For me, it’s been fun to look back and see what I was able to create. I can see my fashion sense become more and more refined at the year went on.

I was thrilled that I look some time to return to what I knew I really loved, and make sure it was part of my wardrobe, verses what was “popular” – ya know?

I’d like to thank the porkpie hat and all of my fun hats for making an appearance too!

What do you think were fashion’s biggest moments in 2019? Was it plaid? Animal print? The return of corduroy everything? I was here for all of it, and I hope you were too.

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