Velvet’s Edge Vintage Is Cool, But Ridiculously Expensive

So cool, but can I afford it?

I uttered those exact words on Tuesday night when I read that Kelly Henderson of Velvet’s Edge had released.

My awareness of her began with the premiere of Very Cavallari on E! Hey, when Kristin from The Hills is involved, I pay attention. I’m glad that I did too, because I would’ve never been introduced the fashionable and hilarious gazelle that is Kelly Henderson.

I love her brand motto, “everyone has a little VELVET and a little EDGE.” It meshes with mine! Her style, in my opinion, matches mine too! She rocks a lot of black and rock n’ roll looks. She’s not afraid to experiment.

So, when I found out that she was releasing a line of vintage clothing, I jumped at the chance to see what she created.

All of the t-shirts and sweatshirts are fire, BUT… the price tag… not so much.

The cheapest tees in the collection run at $50 a pop. Yup, more expensive that Urban. It gets more expensive as the shirts become more niche. I was especially interested in the Frank Zappa options, but I truly cannot afford those prices.

There’s no clear explanation on why the pricing is so high, but I’ve got my theories.

Kelly explains on her website, “I’ve spent the last year collecting the coolest tees and building relationships with vintage dealers across the country to bring you guys the best tees possible.” To me, that means American dealers and possibly “American made” products. That is going to up the cost immediately. While I haven’t seen the quality of the materials that make up the clothes myself, I’d guess that it has to be well made to justify the price.

Then again, if you “shop Kelly’s looks” you’ll notice that she has expensive taste.

Nothing wrong with that, but I’m currently on a budget.

If you can afford it, go for it! Then let me know what you think.

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