5 Fashionable Holiday Party Trends To Look Out For

We’ve got holiday parties on the brain lately, so why not be prepared for them!?

My calendar is quickly filling up with holiday parties to attend, and if yours is too, I’m sure you’re looking for any tips that can make this process that much easier. I know I was!

I started to think about pre-planning my party outfits and making sure I had what I wanted to wear. Pre-planning relieves a lot of anxiety for me! While I did this, I took some notes.

I started to notice some commonalities in the trends coming this party season. Are you prepared for them? Check out these tips!

  • Plaid: I feel like it’s a monster of a trend every holiday season, but I’m noticing that for this one it’s super prominent. You can incorporate this trend in several comfy ways. Think sweaters, scarves, tops, or bottoms. I like to rock plaid skirts with a solid colored sweater or blouse. Classic and perfect!
  • Animal print: They’re becoming a 2019 staple, and that doesn’t stop during holiday party season. Incorporate it in a cute and cozy way like I did in a recent Instagram post!
  • Pleather: Yup. It’s making a comeback! Pleather leggings (like these ones at Target) automatically spice up an outfit (or that plain sweater sitting in your closet) and give you room to eat however much you want. Bonus!
  • Tights: Ah, yes. The bane of our kindergarten existence in the 90s has reared its formerly ugly (and now trendy) head again in 2019. I’m seeing tights all over Instagram at holiday parties. Pick up some fishnets, or a fun color you’re into!
  • Blazers: Again, comfy and sophisticated. We’re blending those ideas this season. Victoria Beckham proves it.

Classic metallic and sequined prints or themed items are of course still in style for any holiday party as well, but I think we’re going for more classic and comfortable looks this season.

Rock that concept however it makes sense to you!

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