6 December Events To Attend In Rochester

Forget the snow! There’s things to do in Rochester, Minnesota this December.

We all know that a little bit of snow doesn’t stop Minnesotans. So, if you’re ready to party and make December awesome, check out this list that I’ve prepared for you.

There’s more to December than Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Look at these!

  • A showing of The Crows: It’s not a Hitchcock movie. It’s a Tyler Aug original. If you’re a local, you’ll relate to it. Check it out at Gray Duck on December 5th.
  • The grand opening of Hidden World Vinyl Records and Clover & Rose: Thank Cassandra Buck for this! Need vinyl records or cute crafts? Check this out! It opens December 13th.
  • Rock The Bells: It’s Interconnection’s holiday party. Meet new friends and network on December 15th!
  • Amanda Jay EP release show: WHAT A TALENT! Watch her on December 14th.

I can’t forget the New Year’s Eve parties that have already been planned too! Here are two big ones to look into…

Which December event sounds like the most fun to you?

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