Val’s Minnesota Holiday Gift Guide

Still looking for last minute gifts for your favorite Minnesotan? I got you, boo.

I had to renew my Minnesota driver’s license today, so that means I’m coming up on four years of being a Minnesota resident. I’m proud to be one!

Why not show that pride during the holiday season too?

If you need some gift ideas for the Minnesotan in your life, I’ve got ideas – you betcha!

Dontcha know you should take notes on the ideas below!? Here’s the list…

  • A trip to Matt’s for a juicy lucy: Don’t know what one of the greatest American delicacies known to Minnesotans is? Taste a juicy lucy (a special hamburger) at Matt’s (the original home of this cuisine) near Minneapolis.
  • A tour of the Walker Art Center and Minneapolis Sculpture Garden: The spoon and cherry? It’s right here! You can tour the garden for free (but you’ll have to pay for parking) and tour the Walker Art Center right next door.
  • Brews from Castle Danger: Up Nort’ you’ll find one of the best breweries in the state of Minnesota (dare I say America too?) in Two Harbors. See some pretty country, and go out for brews after!
  • A Minnesota themed Homesick candle: It smells like baked apple and soy!
  • A trip to Split Rock Lighthouse: My first time ever seeing a lighthouse was in the Duluth/North Shore area. Split Rock is such a pretty scene at any time of the year because it’s surrounded by Lake Superior and towering pines. If you venture there in November, you’ll learn (and hear!) what Gordon Lightfoot was singing about in “The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald,” one of the most famous (and devastating) shipwrecks the Great Lakes had ever seen. Those winds kick up some serious waves! Oh, it’s a pretty damn Instagram worthy spot too!
  • A state park pass: They’re good for a year anywhere in the state. Worth the cost!
  • Minnesota wild rice: locally made! Check it out here.
  • “Night, Night Minnesota” book: Such a cute read!
  • A trip to First Ave: It’s a legendary venue for a reason. Pick a show you or a loved one would like to see and enjoy the venue! If you’re not familiar, this is where you can take your picture next to the “Prince star.”
  • Take in Mayo Clinic’s architecture: I’m biased, but each building on campus is such a treasure in Rochester.

Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves, or Wild tickets will also suffice. Just don’t even think about buying Packer tickets.

Minnesotans, would you agree with this list? How do these gift ideas sound to you?

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