8 Must Have Mental Health Gift Ideas For The 2019 Holiday Season

Dealing with anxiety or depression? Dealing with something similar? Know someone who is going through a tough time? These gifts are going to improve things drastically for you and them!

I’ve been open about my bought of anxiety and depression for the past few years, and I don’t regret a single moment of that. In fact, the more I share, the more I learn that I’m not alone and that there are so many others who are at different points of their mental health journey. Some want the tips and tricks to conquer those demons. I know I did and still do!

If you’re always looking for ways to pull yourself or someone else out of a serious episode of depression or anxiety, of course I’d encourage seeking a doctor’s advice and using the National Suicide Prevention Hotline if necessary.

Otherwise, here are some fun things that have worked for me and others on their mental health journey that I know of.

Consider these “mental health gifts” this season!

  • A weighted blanket: They’re perfect because you can’t roll around restlessly during an anxious episode at 2AM, and you’re comforted immediately. Health Line says, “Some weighted blanket manufacturers recommend that adults buy a blanket that’s 5 to 10 percent of their body weight.”
  • A journal: Jot down those thoughts and get them OUT of your head so you can relax!
  • An aromatherapy necklace or diffuser: Either will work. Add a calming or happy scent to yours. I like taking my necklace to work for stressful moments.
  • A nostalgic gift: Depending on how well you know that person, send them with something that lets them know you value your time together. Let them know you love who they are. Are they a Harry Potter fan? Great! Send them a copy of whatever movie or book in the series that they don’t have (or want a second copy of). Remind them of who they are when they’re well. When I’m in a crappy mood, I get a pizza and throw on Friday or Ace Ventura because those movies remind me of the humor I love, and I’ve loved those movies for years: they take me back to who I am.
  • Adult coloring books: You can color and take your mind off of your depression or anxious thoughts easily. Find a funny book too! They make ones with cat butts. They’re awesome.
  • A sweet card: Sometimes a card is just enough! Let someone feel acknowledged and spread some kind thoughts this way. They’re not spendy either!
  • A life-giving plant: Who wouldn’t want to be around that energy?
  • A fidget spinner: Hey, they do work! They’re a nice distraction from anxious thoughts.

I want to throw this out there too; you don’t have to get gifts for every single person this holiday season. Sure, commercials tell you that, but you don’t. Save yourself the stress! A sweet card is enough, trust me.

Don’t forget to be mindful of your own mental health this season. It’s okay to say no to events or situations if you need to. Use these gifts (or share them with a loved one) and take care of you!

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