In Val’s Words: My 6 Style Icons

Ever wondered where I get my fashion inspo from?

I think inspiration can come from many places. I think I’ve been inspired by many artists, creatives, and important cultural figures since I was a teen.

I thought it was time (in an effort to get to know me better) to reveal who these five style icons for me are, when it comes to fashion. They’ve pretty much remained the same five people since I was 12 or so.

Plus, it’s a gloomy day and I’m home alone right now typing this in the middle of a job transition – so hey, I’ve got time to kill.

Let’s do this? Meet my style icons. Meet the ones who inspire my choices in fashion.

Steve Nicks: Queen. Icon. End of conversation. Okay, I’m kidding – I’ve got more to say about her. Obviously she’s been a fashion icon for decades. I appreciate how she’ll accessorize a look (the hats tho!), and that she’s not afraid to style black in a classy and feminine way. If I’m needing some witchy vibes, or a polished rock n’ roll look, I refer to her.

All of these style icons are not afraid to experiment with their looks, show some edge, accessorize, or class it up when they need to. While their look has evolved, they’ve ultimately stayed true to their wardrobe staples (be it the color black, animal print, or using scarves) for decades. That’s what I admire about them.

Who are your style icons?

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