Val’s Affordable Holiday 2019 Gift Guide For The Fierce Boss Babe

You’ve heard the term “boss babe” before, right?

The Urban Dictionary defines “boss babe” as, “A woman who owns her own business. As a center of influence, she knows what she wants and goes for it. She’s in charge of her life and makes no apologies or excuses for who she is.”

Lovelies, to me, that’s exactly who you are and who I hope to inspire you to be.

She’s not always the “Karen” that hits you up on Facebook only to talk about something she’s selling (*cough* pyramid scheme *cough* by the way, you can smell those a mile away – you’ll know what’s legit and what isn’t). Sometimes she’s the young fashionista inspiring women to embrace themselves via social media influence and content creation. Sometimes she’s the nurse who has a side hustle to afford a nice life for her family.

Quite honestly, as long as your business is legal and doesn’t hurt others or relationships (business isn’t worth that), I can respect the hustle. It is (and should be) inspiring to see women embrace who they are and find their place in American society in a way that’s “acceptable” yet benefits them and their loved ones. I’m behind you on that, boo!

When I put this holiday gift guide together, I thought of you.

I found some cool things to gift yourself (or a fellow boss babe) that will make your boss life so much easier. Check these out!

These are some of the most helpful tools that I do actually use daily. Try them out, or gift them to someone else! You won’t regret it.

Ready for the holidays!? Can’t wait to see your content!

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