A Rochester 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Interesting in getting someone a gift that that truly says Rochester, Minnesota?

I think one of the beautiful things about Rochester is that it has it’s own unique quirks about it. Why not celebrate those during the holidays too?

To me, the most stressful part about the holidays is gift giving. I never know what to get for my loved ones sometimes! If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the holidays and give a gift that says “Rochester,” look no further than the following holiday gift guide.

Check out these items if you want to give a gift with a Rochester feel.

  • A mug from a local shop: This is a super affordable and sweet gift idea that you can easily localize. Send someone a coffee mug from Café Steam, Fiddlehead, or Drift Dough Donuts. They’ll love it!
  • Pasquale’s Pizza gift card: Anyone you love from the East Coast will appreciate an opportunity to eat at this local pizzeria!
  • Mayo Clinic pullover (or any Mayo merch, really): Hey, they are local. Nothing says Rochester more than Mayo merch. I’m not kidding. Pick one your loved one might like!
  • A gift card from (or trip to) a local bar/brewery: The craft beer scene is exploding in Rochester right now. In fact, it has been for the past three years or so at least. What better way to commemorate that (and find a gift that anyone will love) than to send a loved one to an awesome local bar? Pick up a gift card from (or stop in a see) The Thirsty Belgian, Forager Brewery, Little Thistle, Thesis Beer Project, Kathy’s Pub, Kinney Creek Brewery, The Tap House, Rooster’s, Half Barrel or any other local brewhouse.
  • Merch from a local brewhouse: see above! Just get their merchandise.
  • Clothing from a local boutique: Think Real Deals, Kismet, Hers, or the shops at University Square.
  • Enjoy a local Rochester restaurant: There’s more than just chains here. Think Victoria’s, Pannekoeken, Mr. Pizza, Hot Chip Burger Bar (for a fun 90s vibe), BB’s Pizza, Five West, Canadian Honker, Newt’s and many more!
  • A fun item from Tangerine Gifts: So many options here for all ages!
  • Tickets to a local show: Think any performance at the Rochester Civic Theatre, Mayo Civic Center, North Star Bar, Kathy’s Pub, Pure Rock Studios or Forager Brewery.

Any of these gift ideas would work for all genders, ages, and walks of life. Check them out! See any you’re interested in already?

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