Are Puffer Vests Officially Back?

When we were kids, we despised them because they “didn’t look cool.” Now, I think they do?

I’m talking about puffer vests. They’re actually on trend this season, and into winter 2020 too.

Did we want them to be on trend? How did we get here!?? Those are the questions I’m asking about puffer vests! It just seems to me that we used to not be into them because they made us look like a marshmallow, but I’m finding out that you can style them in cool ways too.

I think what made puffer vests cool again was collections by THE NORTH FACE, a collective interest in outdoor and healthy lifestyles, oh – and freaking Stranger Things. We all know Dustin loves to rock them!

Take my puffer vest example below.

I got this bright ass orange puffer vest from Target’s 20th anniversary collection. They’re on clearance right now, so if you like it – hurry!

I truly love that I can pair this vest with a graphic tee, a plaid scarf, a solid colored scarf (probably orange for a monochrome look), or a funky hat like the one I’m wearing too!

If I were to wear this vest around the office, I’d probably throw in a statement necklace of some sort with it too.

What do you think? How would you style a puffer vest? Will you get one this season?

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