3 Pants I’ll Be Wearing A Lot This Fall

If we’re being honest, I’ll probably wear these a lot in the winter too!

In my part of Minnesota, there’s already about two or three inches of snow clinging to the ground. It just hasn’t melted because temps haven’t allowed for it.

Before I welcome winter officially, I’d just like to say that I’m not done with fall!! So, why not celebrate fall fashion until it’s officially winter in December, right? There are three specific pairs of pants that are clearly going to be closet staples for me this season. Actually, they’ll be favorites ALL YEAR LONG. Who am I kidding?

Here’s the pants!

  • Pleather pants: Your girl does not do actual leather. Just my opinion. You can snag these fake leather pants/leggings (which add some sass and edge to any outfit!) at Target. I sized up for a comfy fit that didn’t cling to me.
  • Plaid pants: plaid is pretty much the print of 2019. It came back in a big way! To me, it’s a classic print that doesn’t go out of style. I got these pants (in a color scheme I love) for $30, but you can get them cheaper on sale right now!
  • Corduroy pants: They’re cute, comfy, and season appropriate! The nice thing about them is that they’re not so warm that you couldn’t wear them year round either. Get these rust colored corduroy babies at Target.

Which pair of pants did you like best? Got any you’d like to buy this season?

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