How I Chose My 2019 Halloween Costumes

Are you ready to dive into Halloween? I so was!

Halloween hasn’t quite hit yet, but we are dangerously close to its arrival. Your girl was prepared early, obviously! Have you seen my Halloween costumes this year yet?

I’m going to admit that my theme this year was “quick and easy costumes that look little effort.” I think I succeeded! Tell me what you think?

Here’s who I chose to be for Halloween 2019.

Yep! You just witnessed the wonderful Lydia Deetz brought to life by yours truly. I explain why I love Lydia in the Instagram post, but I’ll repeat here that I think she’s such a nurturer and I admire that.

I threw it back to early 90s Beetlejuice cartoon Lydia Deetz. I watched the cartoon growing up. I had the hair, skin, leggings and boots already! I only had to style my hair and makeup for this look, and buy the poncho on Amazon. This entire costume only set me back $30 for the poncho.

Next, I decided to be a fox!

If you’ve been following me for sometime, you’ll know that foxes are kind of my jam. I feel like they’ve become my spirit animal. I admire their cunning and homely nature. They teach us to do things with fun and class – and that’s what Val In Vogue is all about!

Take a look at my foxy attire here!

How did I do!? I snagged this one relatively cheaply from Target, but do be aware that the “tail” can come apart from it easily because it hooks on to nothing more than a plastic loop near your butt.

Otherwise, super cute costume that won’t break the bank!

Lastly, I wanted to pay homage to one of my favorite metal singers of all time. His name is Peter Steele.

Type O Negative is in my top three favorite bands of all time. Duh. What do you think of this look? Again, it was an easy one – I had the shirt, jeans, and fall decor already. Just needed a wooden wall of sorts to match the original photo of Peter.

What do you think!? What are you gonna be for Halloween?

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