31 Songs You Need On Your Halloween Party Playlist

Everrryyyboooddddyyyy… yeaaaAAAahhhh!

I can visualize AJ McLean’s Phantom Of The Opera Look in that video now. *swoon*

If you’re obsessed with Halloween like I am, you’re probably going to want to throw a Halloween party complete with food, music, games, and costumes. The music has to be right, and I’m here to help with that!

Ladies and gentlemen, without further delay, I give you 31 Halloween songs that you need on your Halloween playlist.

  1. “Everybody”Backstreet Boys: If this isn’t the ultimate Halloween jam, I don’t know what is. The video is made for this holiday, and the creepiness of the tones you hear make it a perfect atmosphere setter for a Halloween party that will get anyone to dance.

2. “Halloween” – Misfits: It’s in the title, so, duh.

3. “Halloween In Heaven” – Type O Negative: If you think about it, Halloween may very well be Christmas in hell. Although Peter Steele wrote this song to honor dead rockstars who’ve passed, you can’t deny its Halloween connection.

4. “Werewolves of London” – Warren Zevon: A scary song about werewolves terrorizing a worldly city. What more do you need?

5. “Seasons Of Wither” – Aerosmith: A seventeen-year-old Steven Tyler wrote this about the dissipation of summer into fall. It’s eerie sounding, and captures the season well. Joe Perry’s mystical guitar work here will take you to another world.

6. “bury a friend” – Billie Eilish: You’ve got to admit, she’s flying the “goth” flag a bit right now. I love the sound here.

7. “Monster Mash”: Because you can’t argue with the classics.

8. “Living Dead Girl” – Rob Zombie: I mean, the title speaks for itself, doesn’t it? The video is super creepy too.

9. “Thriller” – Michael Jackson: Again, can’t argue with a classic here.

10. “Don’t Fear The Reaper” – Blue Öyster Cult: A song that romanticizes young love and death? Why not! Pass the nachos!

11. “I Put A Spell On You” – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins: This song still shakes me to my core today because of Jay’s energy. If the visual is too creepy, just think about the scene in Hocus Pocus where the Sanderson sisters sing it instead.

12. “Ghostbusters” – Ray Parker Jr. : A classic that can’t be forgotten.

13. “Sympathy For The Devil” – Guns N’ Roses: Why this version and not the Stones? Well, this version was actually used in a vampire movie (see Interview with The Vampire), and holy hell does Axl belt here. You actually feel the sinister energy he placed into the mic.

14. “Feed My Frankenstein” – Alice Cooper: I can’t listen to this song without thinking of Wayne’s World, but you should add it to your Halloween playlist.

15. “Season Of The Witch” – Lana Del Ray: Her version is spooktacular! It was just featured in Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark.

16. “Dead Souls” – Nine Inch Nails: It earned its cred with The Crow.

17. “Lullaby” – The Cure: A cannibalistic spider? I’m in!

18. “Hells Bells” – AC/DC: Purely because AC/DC doesn’t disappoint at any occasion.

19. “Walk With Me In Hell” – Lamb Of God: Randy’s energy will terrify you here.

20. “Runnin’ With The Devil” – Van Halen: An oddly uplifting choice, purely because of how it sounds. Still creepy with devil mentions.

21. “Starman” – David Bowie: Someone getting lost in space? Creepy. A perfect sound for a dinner party too.

22. “Bad Moon Rising” – Creedence Clearwater Revival: I can’t hear this without thinking of the changing scene in An American Werewolf In London.

23. “1969” – The Stooges: A classic punk tune about an era that was oh so creepy thanks to Manson murders.

24. “Hellhound On My Trail” – Robert Johnson: Consider the needle-hitting vinyl sound mixed with the legend of Robert himself, you’ll put your party in a spooky mood with this one.

25. “Death Letter (Organized Noize Remix)” – Johnny Farmer: It still gives me chills after watching The Skeleton Key in 2005.

26. “Dead Skin Mask” – Slayer: It’s kind of a love letter to Ed Gein. What more do you need?

27. “Wolf Moon” – Type O Negative: It’s such a challenge for me not to include many more Type O songs here, but this one has to be part of this list for the imagery.

28. “Slaughtered” – Pantera: Just to relieve some anger, because you can do that on Halloween.

29. “Bleak” – Opeth: It just feels like the world is going to crash on you. Love the atmosphere this tune brings!

30. “Hey Joe” – Jimi Hendrix: Listen to the lyrics.

31. “Transylvania” – Tyler, The Creator: Super creepy and mentions all sorts of monsters. Enjoy!

Which one of these tunes will make it to your playlist?

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