Fishnet Stockings: Vintage Cuteness, Or Trashy?

One only need watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show once to understand how fishnet stockings became a beacon of sexy.

However, the resurgence of their popularity on Instagram has me wondering – is it possible that they’re just more innocent than this? Can we make them more innocent than this?

I conducted an experiment where I wore fishnet stockings with shorts to give off a grunge vibe. To me, the look wasn’t “sexy,” but it had an air of confidence about it.

They really do accentuate your legs!

In fact, I didn’t even make this post about the stockings necessarily, I actually wore my blue light glasses here too and chose to discuss them instead.

So what makes fishnet stockings taboo exactly? My guess: the sexual connotations. However, I don’t think that this means we have to reject them entirely if you think they add to your look.

It’s funny to me that simply because of what we pair these stockings with, it can give off a “trashy/sexy” or rock n’ roll vibe. Wearing them with a corset? Yep, that’s probably sexy – and maybe too much so depending on the occasion. Wearing them with shorts? Somehow that’s “grunge” – go figure.

My point: do you, boo! Keep in mind how you’ll wear them, and where you’ll wear them, and you’ll be just fine.

Give them a try if you want to! You’ll probably find that they accentuate your legs too!

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