I Am An Infertile Woman

I am an infertile woman. There, I said it. *takes deep breath*

I haven’t talked about Turner Syndrome much here, because to be honest with you it doesn’t affect my daily life much. Turner Syndrome simply explains why I’m tiny and that I will likely not be able to have children on my own.

I’ve had time to mourn this, and come to grips with it, because I found out when I was 12. Today, being infertile just means looking into adoption someday. However, around holiday time having to repeatedly explain to friends or family members why you’ve been married for five years and have no children yet gets old. Yep, sometimes they really just don’t get it.

So, I’ll post this as a reminder: if you’re infertile or struggling with infertility, it is NOT the end of the world. You have other options if you want children. Also, the douches who question you can’t get past their own perspective on what a “family” and “happy” life requires. You’re doing just fine, boo. Ignore them. Their small-mindedness isn’t worth your tears.

Being infertile is kind of like learning to ride a bike.

You CAN have kids, you just have to find your OWN way to do it and learn what your options are.

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