There’s A Difference Between Being ‘Real’ And Being ‘Sensitive’ On Social Media

Believe it or not, this whole blog I’m about to write was sparked by watching a clip from The Real.

The ladies of the talk show made an appearance on Big Boi’s Neighborhood recently, and talked about how they’re able to navigate “cancel culture” while “keeping it real.”

Adrienne Houghton explained it perfectly. She said, “There’s a difference between keeping it real and being insensitive.” She encouraged others listening to simply “be sensitive.” We can have “real” discussions without being harmful and hateful toward someone else.

She even shared that those “real” conversations on social media (and on their TV show) turn into learning moments for her.

I’m a huge believer in this! We can speak with authenticity and share our opinions, but we don’t have to do it in a vicious way. Be mindful, boo!

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