5 Things To Be Excited About Wearing This Fall

Spooky season is upon us, friends. That means it’s time to get layering, and get creative!

One of my favorite parts of fall has always been the ability to layer and experiment when it comes to fashion. The chill in the air allows that!

For Fall 2019, I want to show you some pieces to be excited about toying with this season. You might just find that they work for you! Here’s my list…

  • These ModCloth overalls.

These overalls are a bit pricey, but I know you’ll love wearing their gorgeous rust tones this season! They’re not just perfect for a potluck, but they’re perfect for hiking or running errands too. Get more on them here.

  • This 20th anniversary blazer from Target.

Professional, cute, funky, and something that shows a bit of personality. If you can do this in your office, snag this blazer from Target! It’s from their 20th anniversary collection this season. Target has it available in plenty of sizes, not just what’s show here.

  • This ModCloth skeleton dress.

Ladies and gentlemen, consider this a prime example of how to make a dress transition between seasons! This ModCloth dress was one I wore as a wedding guest this summer. For fall, I threw a black thermal top over it! Ta-da! Need this dress? Click here to let them know.

  • This Target sweater.

I got mine from Target, but you can find a similar print/style anywhere! It’s going to be big this season.

  • This ModCloth academic bag.

Get yours in a color you love here!

What did you think about these pieces? Are you ready to show off your fall style!?

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