The Minnesota Band That Set Off A Fire Alarm In Rochester

Who knew that they were this hot!?

On Friday night, I decided to meet up with some friends and catch the sold out Har Mar Superstar show at The Castle. Opening for Har Mar was Static Panic. Unfortunately, I couldn’t catch Apollo Cobra that night, but they also played.

Keep in mind: this was not a rock show. I knew that when I bought my ticket. This was not my wheelhouse. I love live music, and I wanted a chance to hang out with some friends that I knew were going to attend this show, so I bought myself a ticket anyway.

Upon entering The Castle for the show, my mind was overloaded and I felt like I was immediately transported to an 80s prom. The decor, and the people, all gave off that vibe – until I worked my way to the front. That’s where I found my fellow music nerds who were ready to listen to some music that they already knew they loved. I was only just beginning to learn what Static Panic and Har Mar Superstar sounded like.

When Static Panic took the stage, I didn’t know what to think. They seemed to be close to my age, and yet they were dressed as though they stepped out of the 80s. Then, the music kicked in. It all made sense. That group of talented musicians could easily be The Revolution or Morris Day of 2019. They blasted into some pop-funk beats and combined them with catchy lyrics. They were the first live act I’d ever seen use a keytar! #facts

Now, they’re a new favorite of mine!

Oh, and they were literally so hot that they set off the fire alarm.

Then, Har Mar Superstar took the stage and the whole place exploded with excitement! This was who Rochester showed up to see. I’d argue that in their performance they seemed to go with more stictly funk sounds, with sax and horns added.

All in all, this show taught me a few things about Rochester: we support Minnesotans from anywhere in the state (both bands have headquarters in the Cities), and we just can’t replace a love for the nostalgic sounds of the 70s and 80s.

I finally understood why cover bands are so popular here. They’re familiar. They’re safe. They don’t disappoint.

While I had a blast at this show, and do believe that I spent an evening watching truly talented musicians, I left with the hope that moving forward Rochester would give “new” acts a chance.

All in all – solid night!

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