To The Woman Who Says, ‘I Could Never Wear That!’

Dear lovely, I hope this note finds you well.

I’ve heard you look at my posts and posts from celebrities. Yes, I really can hear you looking at these while you scroll through Instagram in the waiting room, or on your lunch break. You’re so tempted to say, “I could never wear that!” Sometimes, you even verbalize it. I hear your reaction.

What I want you to know is this; don’t ever think that you’re incapable of being your finest and most stylish self!

When you tell me, “I could never wear that!” it’s my assumption that you’re actually saying, “I could never pull off that print!” or “This isn’t conservative enough for me!” or “This might draw too much attention to me, and I don’t want that!”

Never ever would I tell a woman not to experiment with fashion or her look. You’ve got to find your niche and what makes you happy! It breaks my heart to think that you’re limiting yourself because of what others think.

Let me tell you a story: I went out with a family (friends of ours) for pizza for my birthday in January. I didn’t put makeup on, and had a huge zit on my cheek. I chose to wear sunglasses into the building, and kept them on through the majority of dinner. Finally, the Dad asked, “What’s with the Joe Cool glasses?” and I responded honestly. When I did, I immediately regretted it. Their seven and sixteen year old girls heard me bash myself – and I’d never want them to think that this is what they should do to themself. I wouldn’t want them criticizing themselves the same way.

So, lovely, please do yourself a favor and learn from me. Fashion is art, and fun form of expression. Do be sure to express your best, happiest, and most confident self. If that includes wearing a print or color you’d love to wear but haven’t yet – do it!

You never know who’s watching you.

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