How I Conquer Social Anxiety

When you’re meeting a new group of people, it can be really overwhelming.

I’m going to be honest with you about that, and about something else. You see, last week, you might’ve seen that I attended a ladies social hour with The Courageous Collective.

I attended this event for multiple reasons; I wanted to support Kati, I wanted to force myself to socialize (I don’t get to much with odd work hours), and I wanted to meet people that I hadn’t met before. It all sounds good and healthy in theory, but when you pull into the parking lot to attend events like this, that’s when the heart palpitations start.

Before I even entered the building where this event was held, I was anxious because that damn anxiety was telling me the usual (false) stories, “you’re the creepy goth girl so no one will like you” and “you’re not a parent, you totally won’t relate to these women.”

I forced myself to go into the building anyway. Hey, I’d driven there already!

I honestly was met with a huge welcome instead. None of the anxious thoughts I had were true or real.

I’ll compare my experience to jumping into a pool of water for the first time in a while. You know being in a pool is fun, but you’re a little cautious of the water temperature and how deep the pool really is.

The only way I beat social anxiety that morning was by “jumping in” and going with the flow of the conversation. It really is that simple.

You’ve got to put all of those nagging thoughts aside, and just say, “let me at least try this. If I crash and burn – I simply won’t go again. No harm no foul!”

Next time you’re anxious about being in a group setting, remind yourself that you deserve to have a life too. You deserve the chance to get out, socialize, and make friends. Everyone does. If you look silly in front of them, it’s just that much easier to see who you really vibe with!

Don’t sell yourself short.

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