5 Fall 2019 Fashion Trends You Need In Your Life

Don’t wait on these trends! You’ll regret it!

I’ve heard some grumbling lately about how fall has come “too soon” this year. To that I say, we’re really excited about it! We can’t help it! Sorry not sorry!

Since we’ve got fall on the brain right now, I thought it was the perfect time to announce what I think is going to be huge this season in fashion. Are you ready to take a look?

For fall trends this year, I see the following being big…

  • Corduroy: Bane of my existence because I struggle to spell it, but it looks cute! It’s a familiar fabric that does add a bit extra to keep warm. Take the skirt I’m pictured in below for example. You’ll see this fabric in skirts, shirts, jumpers, and so many more! It’s on trend this season!
  • Animal print: It’s going to continue taking over 2019! Find a print you love, and experiment with it! Consider it a “neutral” and style accordingly. If you need some ideas, stick to pairing it with black pants or cardigans – any neutral works with black!
  • Plaid: You’re going to see it in all colors and aesthetics this season! Trust me. Example below.
  • Denim: It’s always a classic, and you can honestly wear it year round. Denim jackets are going to be a hit this season!
  • Blazers: You can wear them year round, and style them with sweaters this season to stay warm! It’s a fashionable (and professional) alternative to those giant parkas coming in January. Enjoy them while you can! It’s my personal rule of thumb to keep three or four in rotation, because they’re perfect for job interviews, galas or dinners, or for any occasion that requires a bit more polish.

Which of these trends are you excited about? Are you going to try them this fall?

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