Foster Fest Celebrates Rochester’s Best In Music

This summer, there really was no better way to see some of your favorite Rochester musicians in one place than Foster Fest.

Bonus: this whole thing was free! You didn’t have to pay to get in, but a donation to the Dorothy Day House was encouraged.

The last time I attended this festival, it was in its infancy. That was September of 2017. This year, it was obvious to me that this thing grew. There were more local vendors, food vendors, and stages than before!

I’m so happy to see that this event grew, was well-received, and looks to be an official Rochester staple. I can’t wait for next year!

I caught Absolute Brightness (listen to them if you want Coldplay and Space Hog vibes!), Fall Risk (ska/punk experts), Pat Egan, and Amanda and Sterling from Sterling & The Silver Lining with an acoustic set. There was no shortage of music at this thing!

Check out how my day looked!

The best thing about this festival is that all genres of music are welcome to partake in it. You’re getting a little bit of everything when you go!

I’ll keep you posted on its development next year.

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